Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just another day at the "Rock"

Today started out like the others, with cleaning to do and truck check off first thing. We spent a good part of the morning getting the engine ready for the State EMS Inspection which is right around the corner. We have had a few runs so far today, we responded to a MVA with injuries on 581 between Orange and Elm Ave. around 0900, after that we have had some EMS runs, but over all it has been a quiet day!!! Slim Shady had to transfer to Station 3 for the shift and to his surprise he had ARRF training the better part of the day!!! The guys from the Station at 24th and Melrose stopped by to pick-up a grinder to do some hand tool maintenance with. If anything exciting goes down during the rest of the shift I will update!!!

Stay Safe,
The Getto Crow

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Busy Day for The 12th Street Express!!!

Well, we finally have enough time to get a post in today. Engine 5, other wise know as the "12th Street Express, is housed at the "ROCK". As tradition would have it we run out of one of the oldest firehouses still in use in the state of Virginia!!! Just so you know at one time the station housed a Horse Drawn Steamer. As for today we started running EMS call prior to the 0750 ring down. Thanks to our Brothers at the "Pebble", other wise known as the Fire Station at 24th street and Melrose, being out of service for some unknown reason we took care of a few of their runs for them. We made it back from the store just in time to slam down a couple of Slim Shady's (AKA Brady) gut busting Hot Dogs. Then we were off to HTR training at Station 6, which was interrupted by a fire call in the Peters Creek area of the city. Engine 5 never marks "Out of Service" so we diligently took the call and responded from Station 6. We made it back to the station from the call and got started on dinner before it got to late. We had a couple of Slim Shady's Franklin County Yard Birds to eat, which I must say were to die for, after dinner we sat around the table coming up with a game plan for Tuesday's, High Rise Drill at "The Jefferson College of Health Sciences". Well anyway I think we are going to try to kick it out of gear for a few, we should be up to 450 runs by shift break in the morning if this pace holds up for the rest of the night!!!

Until next time,
The Getto Crow

Friday, February 20, 2009


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Firehouse 5 has been proudly serving the citizens in N.W. Roanoke since 1911. This house is one of the oldest working firehouses left in the state of Virginia. Engine 5 is one of the busiest engines in the city, running not only fire calls but also EMS calls. We are also the vehicle extrication for the north side of the tracks. This house is home to 12 of Roanoke's bravest. Our days here, however, are sadly numbered as we will be moving from this old house.